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  1. clagatha

    clagatha Senior Member

    How would I write the address in a letter if there are two recipients i.e. Mr and Mrs?

    Monsieur et Madame Pierre Dubois
    3, Place de Indépendence
    72147 Arbois
    M et Mme Pierre Dubois
    M Pierre Dubois et Mme Anne Dubois
  2. sarah82 Senior Member

    Annecy, France
    All your examples work, except that you need a "." after M of Monsieur
    M. Pierre Dubois.

    Your last example is correct (M. Pierre Dubois et Mme Anne Dubois) but not widely used.
    I'd use the second one, the shortest.
  3. Astilbe

    Astilbe Senior Member

    Pays-Bas - Netherlands
    French - France
    Choose between Monsieur et Madame Pierre Dubois and M et Mme Pierre Dubois. It does'nt matter which one.
    The last option is only used when two people have different last names.
  4. sarah82 Senior Member

    Annecy, France
    Oh I just wanted to add that the address is not correct:
    3, place de l'Indépendance
  5. carog Senior Member

    England - Hampshire
    French - France
    The use of the husband's first name for both M. et Mme is fine I think for the older generation, but you could just use M. et Mme Dubois -
    (speaking for myself, I don't like being called Mme Jean-Charles Tartempion - no this is not my real name ;))
  6. laudace

    laudace Senior Member

    Ohio, USA
    English - America
    I, too, would tend toward M. et Mme Pierre DUBOIS.

    For what it's worth, in Luxembourg, the surnames of both persons are given: M. et Mme DUBOIS-GILBERT, Pierre et Anne, where Gilbert is the maiden name of Anne. This is a quirk or curiosity in the 'mode d'emploi' in Luxembourg.
  7. maarten-martin Senior Member

    Brussels, Belgium
    French - international
    Bravo! I fully agree with carog. I think some people would find this usage medieval and even offending - I would definitely avoid it!

  8. sarah82 Senior Member

    Annecy, France
    You are right, this can sound offending in 2009. However it's still widely used!
    Clagatha, the best option is M. et Mme. Dubois :)

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