Address your brother and sister together

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India - Malayalam
I have this doubt about how to address your brother and sister together.

The context is:

The brother and sister is deciding to go for a movie with the whole family. As they decide upon the movie, the younger sister enters the room.

In this case how can she greet both of them with a single word. Something like 'Hi dears'.

For some reason I feel that too formal. I am looking for something informal.

  • Inglip

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    English - UK
    Hey, Hi, What's up etc

    In England, we tend to just say a greeting, and not really specify who it is to. If you want to add something, you could add 'guys'

    Hey guys, Hi guys etc.


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    American English
    In some episodes of Animaniacs, the characters used "Sibs" (short for "siblings") in this context. It certainly isn't common, although I liked it very much and would have used it had I had any siblings. :)

    There really isn't any word in common use for that situation.


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    We usually don't address any family members in special ways, except our parents and grandparents. Rarely, 'son' is used (as in 'hi, son'), but otherwise we don't say 'hi, sister' or anything like that for other relations.


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    Hi guys would be the closest translation (though "guys" can be used to addess any people).

    In the charmed ones (three sisters), even though they were all girls, they used almost always "guys" instead of "sisters".
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