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Hello! I wrote an email to promote our products to a potential customer- Mr Mike Simpson. He is an American. He responsed to my email and sent his enquiry to me. He addressed me my first name - Anna.

How do I address him appropriately? Should I call him Mr. Simpson or Mike for the second time?

Thank you!
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    Hello Daffy/Anna. Oh you should certainly address him by his first name ~ he's obviously a friendly and informal chap:) ~ which I believe is quite routine in American business circles.


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    Hi Ewie,

    Thank you very much for your reply. :)He started as -Hi Anna, ....

    Should I also start as Hi Mike or Dear Mike? Which one is better to a customer?


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    There is an age divide here. For those older than Uncle Ewie, use of first names in business correspondence, especially with people you have never met, is considered unprofessional.


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    When I first started using e-mails I used letter writing conventions for salutations.

    Such as:

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    Dear Mike,


    It quickly became clear that the "Dear" was routinely skipped over in return e-mails by almost everyone I e-mailed to. So now I just write:

    Mr. Jones -

    Mike -


    In my business experience the transition from Mr. or Ms. to first name starts out after the first correspondence (assuming it did not start out on a first name basis).

    If you are writing to an American by e-mail I think you are almost always safe with the first name.

    On the other hand, I would write:

    Mr. Obama,


    Dear Barack

    but not just

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