adeguamento dei centri di accoglienza


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Hello :)

The following phrase is taken from the memorandum of understanding that Italy recently signed with Libya regarding cooperation between the two countries to address the problem of illegal immigration from Libya to Italy. The phrase describes one of the obligations that Libya and Italy pledge to undertake.

2) adeguamento e finanziamento dei centri di accoglienza summenzionati già attivi nel rispetto delle norme pertinenti, usufruendo di finanziamenti disponibili da parte italiana e di finanziamenti dell'Unione Europea.

What would an accurate translation of adeguamento be in this context? Would "equipping" be correct?

Thanks for any help. I'm afraid I don't speak any Italian - I am working from an Arabic translation that uses an ambiguous word for adeguamento.
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    I guess it's something like this: compliance of the above mentioned already existing welcome centers according to pertinent rules, by financial support from Italy and the EU.

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