adelantar la barrera (football, fútbol)

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  1. silsalu Senior Member

    español/ argentina
    Hi natives! i need your help here. How do you say in English "adelantar la barrera", I mean talking about soccer. Thanks for your help!
  2. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    to move the sweeper forward? No estoy segura, pero puede ser eso! Es que no sé si la barrera es uno de los jugadores o no? Si es un delantero entonces tengo razón.
  3. silsalu Senior Member

    español/ argentina
    Hola Sally! La barrera es la línea que forman los jugadores cuando el otro equipo va a patear un tiro muy cerca del arco
  4. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Moderator

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    Yes. I think you call it "defensive wall", Englishspeaking mateys. This is a photo. Do you know how to say "la barrera se adelantó" in idiomatic English? :)
  5. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    Yes. "The wall moved forward". :)
  6. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Moderator

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    Gracias, sound shift. :)
  7. SevenDays Senior Member

    Listen, lads
    The right side of the wall (from the keeper's perspective) is doing its job: tight, feet on the ground, perfect; the left side of the wall, on the other hand, is a mess: it's already breaking apart, guys jumping (don't!), leaving the goalie (Howard) totally vulnerable. I think I am already experiencing World Cup fever. There really is no cure.....

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