Adelante!..carry on..

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  1. switchgear Senior Member

    Monterrey, Mexico
    mexican spanish
    Hello my would you say, for example:

    Estoy hablando con una amiga en msn y de pronto entra su amigo tambien , y le digo adelante! platica con el.

    I´m speaking with my friend on msn and suddenly your friend entered on the msn, I say her ,carry on! speak with him.;)

    By the way, My english is poor ,if I made mistakes your corrections are received.

    thanks in advance.:)
  2. espandalucía Senior Member

    Huelva, Currently - EEUU
    Spain, Spanish
    Yo diría "I'm talking to my friend on msn and suddenly her friend joins in too. I tell her 'Go on! Talk to him/speak with him.'"
  3. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Yo diría go ahead and chat/talk.

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