además hay que recordar que hay muchos terroristas

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  1. vbergen

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    En el diccionario aparecen tres palabras, ¿cómo sé cuándo debo usar cada una?

    ¿Cómo sería la frase?:
    ...además hay que recordar que hay muchos “terroristas” que pueden hacer daño; entonces si alguien dispara, la otra persona debe responder.

    Mi intento:
    Moreover/furthermore/besides (?) --?-- to remember that there are many "terrorists" that can hurt, then if somebody shoots, the other person must to reply (shooting).
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  2. Faraón80 Senior Member

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    My advice is never to translate word for word.

    Taking into account that many terrorists can cause harm, therefore if someone shoots the other must shoot in return.

    I hope that helps.

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  3. allchopin

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    I will have to disagree with your translation, Faraón80. The stated facts in the sentence and the structure of "taking into account" don't merit a 'therefore'.

    "...also one has to remember that there are lots of "terrorists" that can do harm; so if someone fires, the other person must reply. "
  4. Txiri

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  5. knoxster77 Member

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    I agree with Txiri. Besides is the best word. One could say "Besides, you have to keep in mind that there are alot of terrorist..."
  6. TROCO New Member

    Hola. Alguien me puede decir si FURTHERMORE, MOREOVER, BESIDES y INN ADDITION se pueden usar indistitamente o hay alguna diferencia en sus usos. Gracias.
  7. frida-nc

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    As far as I know, it's simply a question of formality (moreover is quite formal, furthermore slightly formal and certainly more common in writing than speech). Besides is the only term found in everday speech.
  8. thesaurus1 New Member

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    Podrías usar cualquier de las tres palabras casi sin diferencia. Como dijo frida-nc, todas salvo BESIDES suenan formal, palabras que se encuentran en un texto. Se usan mucho en composiciones. En vez de IN ADDITION, se puede decir ADDTIONALLY también.
  9. pepecassidy New Member

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    Cuidado con esto. Siempre que queramos usar "furthermore", "moreover" o "in addition" en un contexto no formal podemos usar "besides", pero no siempre que queramos usar "besides" podemos usar el resto. "Besides" tiene más significados que el de adición.

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