adequate negotiation with

Mohammad Ali1

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Yet to understand and accept one’s younger longings belongs to the essence
of genuine adulthood – and parenthood. There is no maturity without an
adequate negotiation with the infantile, and no such thing as a proper
grown-up who does not frequently yearn to be comforted like a toddler.
Source: Good Enough Parenting by Alain De Botton
Question: Does it mean going through the infantile ?
  • Keith Bradford

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    There is a school of psychological thought (see Eric Berne: Games People Play, 1964) that says each individual has three strands to their nature: the Adult, the Parent and the Child. The Adult is the balanced mature person who can resist both the excesses of the selfish, spontaneous and careless Child, and also the strict, dominating and censorious Parent. This means not denying the Parent/Child parts of one's personality, but negotiating with them to achieve equilibrium.