adesso per sempre

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ciao a tutti

I am trying to translate L'Appuntamento but one of the phrases has me confused

adesso per sempre = now, forever?
adesso per sempre = now and forever?

The complete line is "adesso per sempre non esisto"

grazie mille
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    Adesso per sempre non esisto

    I would say it is something on the lines of "now for always I don't exist"...maybe wait for another reply though!



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    cio and welcome here cp1778.
    I think it's a matter of interpretations,
    I mean

    the sentence is
    Amore perdono ma non resisto...
    adesso per sempre non esisto

    my love, I forgive you but I can't resist....
    and now I'm not existing anymore


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    USA, English
    I gave it my best effort I hope I didn't miss the phrases that don't translate literally into English. Thanks for your help with this.


    Ho sbagliato tante volte ormai che lo so già
    che oggi quasi certamente
    sto sbagliando su di te ma una volta in più
    che cosa può cambiare nella vita mia...
    accettare questo strano appuntamento
    è stata una pazzia!
    The rest here

    I’ve been wrong many times before that I already know

    That today almost certainly

    I’ll be wrong about you once again

    What can I change in my life

    Accepting this strange appointment

    It is sheer madness

    I am sad among the people

    That I am passing by

    But the nostalgia of seeing you again

    Is stronger than tears

    This sunlight lifts my spirit

    A sign of hope

    I am waiting when all at once

    I see you coming in the distance

    Love, be quick, I can’t resist

    If you don’t arrive I don’t exist

    I don’t exist, I don’t exist

    The weather changed and it started to rain

    But I say and wait

    It isn’t important to me what the world will think

    It won’t make me want to leave

    I look inside myself and wonder

    But I don’t feel anything

    I am only a remnant of hope

    Lost among the people

    Love, it’s already late and I cant resist

    If you don’t arrive I don’t exist

    I don’t exist, I don’t exist

    Lights, cars, windows, streets

    One and all were mixed up in my mind

    My shadow grew tires of following me

    The day slowly dies

    I won’t stay so that I can return to my home

    To my sad life

    The life that I wanted to give to you

    That you crumbled between your fingers

    Love, pardon me but I can’t resist

    Now and forever I don’t exist

    I don’t exist, I don’t exist


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