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Is there any difference between the use or meaning of these two words or are they completely interchangeable?

Are phrases like "iki tane kitap" and "iki adet kitap" both acceptable and identical in meaning?
  • Both can be used interchangeably.
    "adet" on the other hand, indicates numbers. There is no difference in meaning in the example you provided, but the term 'adet' is most commonly used in sales, for example, 24gr. 24 adet çikolata, where the word 'tane' is not used.

    There is also another word called âdet (with circumflex), it can be perplexing as 'âdet' and 'adet' have different connotations.
    "adet" and "tane" have completely same meaning.

    One little knowledge:
    "adet" came from arabic " 'adad(same meaning with Turkish usage)"
    "tane" came from persian " dâne(same meaning)"