adhérer aux amis de La Piscine (a museum)

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    My question has to do with a potential difference in British vs. American translations. In the US, normally we'd say become a member of the Friends of the xyz society. However I just saw "Subscribe to the Friends of the...." I'm wondering if that is the common term in the UK?

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    Recent_Runes--thanks--I can see my question wasn't quite clear enough, but the links you provided helped with the answer.

    I was more interested in knowing whether one became a member (US) vs. a subscriber (possibly UK?). I haven't seen the term subscriber/subscription very often in the US pertaining to a "Friends" type organization. However, I did see "subscriber" used on a page that was translated from French. Hence, I was wondering if that was a British use. Judging from the links you posted, it may not have been a good word choice, as the links you provided speak about members and memberships.


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