1. RoisinDubh00 Member

    English - Ireland
    What does this mean? Something like 'Goddamnit'?
  2. iris_alicante Member

    No existe "cará" en español. Escribe la frase completa a ver si sacamos algo más.
  3. DORAM Senior Member

    Spanish (Puerto Rico)

    I would be willing to bet that it is a contraption (abbreviation) of "Ay, Dios, caramba" or "Ah, ¡Dios mío!, ¡caramba!" or something to that effect. And it is usually used to express surprise, disbelief.
  4. RoisinDubh00 Member

    English - Ireland
    I thought it could be a short version of 'carajo' or 'caramba' yeah. The context is a guy spotting a guy he's trying to hide from. "adiós cará, aquí está!"

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