adivistic galore

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    hello again everybody!!

    I have problems with the next sentence "Wind down inside adivistic galore". I cannot make it sense looking for the meaning of the words, so please could you help me translate it?????

    Thank you in advance!
  2. ORL Senior Member

    galore es "a granel", "en abundancia". Galore proviene del gaélico, si no me equivoco.
    Adivistic, ignoro y no pude encontrarla en ningún diccionario.
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    Parece que es la letra de una canción, ¿cierto?

    La mayoría de las referencias citaban lo mismo que pusiste.

    Pero encontré algo que proviene de principios del siglo XX, The Meaning and Value of Life (1913):

    The 'New Idealism' is mystical
    in the stress it lays on the reality and immediacy of
    the Spiritual Life, and on the intimacy of personal
    union between the human and the divine; it is adivistic
    in its insistence that all spiritual communion is a
    challenge to our moral nature, and can be maintained
    as an inspiration only through the earnestness with
    which we adopt its values as authoritative over our
    action; it is profoundly humanistic in the breadth and
    depth of its historical insight, and in its close identifica-
    tion of the welfare of our race with the dominance of
    these spiritual values.
  4. (sic)

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    Sheffield, England
    spanish, spain
    Ok! but I've just found that the sentence is different, it is:

    Lying down inside of your adavistic galore

    Sorry for the mistake

    Any idea now?
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    It seems it has to do with the Goth culture.
    Wind down inside adivistic galore
    The value of a summer spent and a winter earned
    I found it here
  7. random_factor New Member

    Sorry for gravedigging this thread, but I've been searching all over for the correct lyrics, and having just found them, I just had to come and tell everyone here - this is one of the top results when you search for this phrase on Google, so it's best that it's correct :p

    The actual lyrics are a little hard to make out because he says them fast, but the correct words are as follows:

    Wind down inside your atavistic allure, the value of a summer spent and a winter earned.

    Atavistic is something that displays atavism, or the tendency to revert to an older or ancestral type. Allure is a tempting quality. Therefore, this line is referring to the temptation to revert to an ancestral quality - judging by the next part, about summer and winter, I'd speculate that he's referring to the wish to hibernate, to rest in the winter - a well-earned rest, perhaps.

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