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    Hi everyone! This is one of my first posts so hello to you all! I just had a quick question regarding the Japanese grammatical structure て見る、to "try something." I understand that verbs are simply put in the te form before miru to construct this, but my question is regarding adjectives.

    Could you say: こわくて見る - I try to be scary.
    おもしろくて見た - I tried to be funny.

    I know it's not exactly the most common sentence to put together but I was wondering if adjectives can be used with te miru the way verbs can, as in the examples above, and if not, how would you go about "trying" to be an adjective?

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    You remind me of David Williams... :D

    Yes, I normally say ~てみる to mean "try doing~~/experiment with doing~~", and ~ようとする to mean "try to do~~/attempt to do~~", eg: 書いてみる(try writing) vs 書こうとする(try to write)

    Hmm, こわくて見る, おもしろくて見る make little sense to me...

    I guess not.

    I would probably say 優しくなろうとする, 優しくしようとする or 親切にしようとする to mean "try to be kind/nice"...
    (I might say おもしろがらせようとした or 笑わせようとした(or笑わそうとした) to mean "I tried to be funny".)
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    Thank you for your thorough reply! Although I've never heard of the constructions you've mentioned, ill be sure to read up on them! I've only been taking Japanese for a year now so I'm still trying to familiarize myself with as many grammatical structures as possible before I take a college placement exam later this year. Oops, excuse my rambling! Anyway, thank you again for your response and I'm glad the username rang a bell with you ;-). ありがとうございます!とても助かりました! :)

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