Adjective for [different] weekly earnings and [same] weekly earnings

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A worker receives varying wages every week. One week he gets $500, the next week he gets $470, then may be $0, and then $600. This worker may be a construction worker, painter, fisherman, or just a freelancer. This is in contrast to a worker who gets paid $500 every week.

What is an appropriate term to describe this pattern of varying weekly earnings? I wrote the following sentences.

An unemployed worker who had [irregular?] weekly earnings prior to layoff will receive higher weekly benefit payments in high unemployment regions; the same worker will get lower payments in low unemployment regions. In contrast, a worker who had [regular?] weekly earnings every week (prior to layoff) gets the same amount of weekly benefits across all regions, regardless of the unemployment rate.
After looking at dictionaries, I don't think "inconsistent" or "irregular" work. And "fluctuating" is awful. "Varying" seems like the wages vary with something.
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    I would probably choose "variable" (as opposed to "constant"). "Irregular" carries too much of a suggestion of time rather than quantity.
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