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Does anybody know the adjective of the noun genre? I was thinking about generic, but I'm not at all sure. Or does generic refer to gender?

I'm currently working on my master thesis in English linguistics and want to write that weblogs have been studied from a _______________ point of view.

Can anybody help?

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    I wouldn't use generic, which comes from genus and means general rather than specific or special.
    I don't see any obvious adjective related to genre (in the OED).
    And as I don't know what genre means in reference to weblogs I'm stuck for an alternative suggestion :(


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    I could help you if I understood exactly what you mean when you say "study weblogs from a genre point of view" --> does that even make sense? Or do you mean that weblogs have been studied in the sense that it is like a genre?

    If so, I'd say: "weblogs have been studied in the form of genres" or "weblogs are analysed from the viewpoint of a genre" (implying that the weblog has become a genre in itself).

    As for generic, panjandrum explained it well.

    I see that you come from the German-part of Switzerland. Is there a particular German word you are thinking of for the adjective of genre? Maybe I could try translating that into English?

    Hope I helped.


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    "The point of view of their genere" would be better. But I think the work genere is probably not a good one here.


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    I agree that the sentence should be rephrased. "Generic" is similar to "general". There is the adjective "gendered", but it obviously doesn't work here. I suggest "weblogs have been studied from the point of view of gender."


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    But he's not talking about genders.

    "Weblogs have been studied from with regard to their genre".


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    I'm currently working on my master thesis in English linguistics and want to write that weblogs have been studied from a _______________ point of view.


    One adjective that came to mind when I read your question was:


    You need to give us a little more context, I think. :)


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    Genre is a French word which has been borrowed by English, and because of its French spelling is not conducive to being modified into an adjective.

    Although it is related to words like generic and general (and gender) it has a specific meaning which is different from those, so adjective based on them will not do. I expect you want to use the word genre and not a substitute, so you will have to rephrase in a way similar to that suggested by Governor. E.g.

    "Studied from the standpoint of genre."

    I don't think substitutes like category or type will do as genre has such a particular meaning in, for example, film and literature, which I expect the author wishes to retain.

    (If I was to invent and adjective for genre it would be generical, which is an existing variant of generic, but seems to be pretty much out of work at the moment ;) )


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    how about ?
    "Weblogs have been studied by means of [ literary ] genre theory."

    This is the first paragraph of the related Wiki passage.
    "Genre studies are a structuralist approach to literary theory, film theory,
    and other cultural theories. When studying a genre in this way, one
    examines the structural elements that combine in the telling of a story
    and find patterns in collections of stories. When these elements (or codes)
    begin to carry inherent information, a genre is emerging."

    The article uses both the terms "genre theory" and "genre studies."

    Might someone please explain how I could have inserted a link to the above passage ?


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    "by genre"
    "from the viewpoint/perspective of genre"
    "as classified by genre"
    "grouped by genre"

    I can't think of a one-word alternative except for, god help me, "genre-wise."


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    It is not clear to me what you intend to say.

    Do you mean that weblogs taken together constitute a genre? Then you might say "weblogs have been studied as a genre". Or, Matching Mole and Governor have made suggestions that would work.

    If you mean that among weblogs, various genres have been identified, several of the other suggestions will serve.