Adjective order: three beautiful big new red italian bags


Castellano, Argentina
Hello eveyone!! I have a doubt about the use of adjectives.

I already know that adjectives naturally follow an order ( opinion, size, age, shape, color, nationality, material) before a noun. For example:

He has got a beautiful big new red italian bag.

However, when I tried to add a number to this sentence I could not find the right place where to write it:

Is it correct to say : ...three beautiful big new red italian bag?

If that exaple is not clear I write another one:

they have got seven small violet ears in their heads.

( is it correct to say this in this way???)

Thank you in advance!!!
  • iskndarbey

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    US, English
    Numbers always have to go first no matter what. In your example I think 'new' sounds better in the beginning, so I'd say "three new beautiful big red Italian bags".

    As to seven small violet ears... yes, that's the correct way to say it, but I assume you're speaking about some species of alien I'm unfamiliar with?


    Castellano, Argentina
    thank you all!!! You have been of great help!!! ( those links were marvellous!!)

    Now I have already cleared out my doubts!!!

    oh! iskndarbey you have made me laugh with your last sentence jajajaja... Actually I was talking about a monster that I have drawn for a group of kids!!! X-D


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    It may be worth noting that there really aren't any fixed rules for multiple adjective order - it can depend on many things, such as the person, context, the sounds of the words.....etc etc.
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