Adjective Position - Before or After the Noun?

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  1. edraganov

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    Can anyone help me with this specific doubt I have?

    I am studying turkish adjectives and read that they must always come before the noun, except of course in the cases where they act as the main clause of the whole sentence.


    Regular: Pretty Girl
    Main Clause: The Girl is Pretty

    However I became a little bit confused when read two specific sentences:

    1 - Ver bana fincan su (Give me a glass of water)
    2 - Titanic bir yolcu gemisiyd (Titanic was a passenger ship)

    Why in the first sentence the writer used "fincan su" instead of "su fincan"?

    In the second one the general adjective rule seems to be correctly applied, since yolcu (passengers) is qualifying gemisi (ship).

    Thank you!
    Erik Draganov
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    It's just like in English:

    a passenger ship → bir yolcu gemisi
    a glass of water → bir fincan su

    Bir fincan su = A glass of water.
    Bir su fincanı = A water glass.

    Note that the second one is a noun complement; therefore you need the possessive ending.
  3. erdisam Member

    We may say
    Ver bana oradan bir fincan su.
    but we don't say "Ver bana fincan su."
  4. edraganov

    edraganov Member

    Thank you very much! It is much more clear now! Actually, "a glass of" is modifying the noun water? I tought it was the opposite: a glass of water.
  5. edraganov

    edraganov Member

    Thank you Erdisam. My mother speaks Gagauz and usually asks water saying "ver bana fincan su". Might be just a expected difference between both languagues.
  6. edraganov

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    Never mind! Now I have fully understood! I did not realize that "a glass of" is merely specifying the quantity of water, as in slices of bread. Thank you very much!

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