adjectives ending in -y (shy,ugly,silly,sly,dry)

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  1. Lauriquitina New Member

    Spain - Spanish
    hi !!!!!!! how are you?

    i have a doubt about this topic, exactly in the aspect of comparatives...
    shy - shyer, dry - drier/dryer. These are the comparatives I don´t know how to change. I suppose they are ok?
    Do you know someone else more like those?

    And the following, I suppose they´re ok?
    ugly- uglier
    silly- sillier
    sly- slier

    Thank you!
  2. Zeli Senior Member

    UK English
    Uglier and sillier are OK. Dryer means secador, so the adjective you need is drier (meaning more dry). The comparative form of shy is shyer. I don´t think there is such a word as "slier" or "slyer"
  3. peterfenn

    peterfenn Banned

    I think it's "slyer".
  4. fade911 Member

    USA English
    The Merriam-Webster dictionary says that you can use shier/shyer as well as slyer/slier. I prefer the ones that keep the "y".
  5. Zeli Senior Member

    UK English
    Maybe they're americanisms because they don't appear in my Oxford English Dictionary, so I've learnt something interesting. Thanks.
  6. peterfenn

    peterfenn Banned

    Yeah. You certainly wouldn't say "Foxes are more sly than dogs", so I guess it must be "slyer" or "slier".

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