adjectives order [medium, curly dark hair]

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could someone clarify me the adjectives order?

For example when I want to describe someone wich of the following sentence is correct?

1. She has got medium, curly dark hair.


2. She has got medium dark curly hair?

Thank you in advance
  • Loob

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    You might find this site helpful, in particular the section on the "Royal Order of Adjectives".

    I would normally say "dark curly hair" rather than "curly dark hair". But the "Royal Order of Adjectives" describes tendencies, rather than absolutes:).

    EDIT: Egmont's list of previous posts is extremely helpful!


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    Thanks for your help.
    I've just taken a look to that site..really precious :)
    But I'm not still sure if I can use both of them.
    Maybe the sound of the sentence can help to choose the right form, can't it?

    Is incorrect to change the order of shape and colour?
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