adjectives to adverbs with تنوين الفتح

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  1. jmt356 Senior Member

    Forming Arabic adverbs from adjectives using تنوين بالفتح
    Can I always create an Arabic adverb from an adjective by simply adding اً ?
    For example:
    سريع (quick) > سريعًا (quickly)
    بطيع (slow) > بطيعًا (slowly)
    ضاجّ (noisy) > ضاجًا (noisily)
    مُجْتَهِد (diligent) > مُجْتَهِدًا (diligently)
    لطيف (gentle) > لطيفًا (gently)
    قاسي (harsh) > قاسيًا (harshly)
  2. HBZ55 Senior Member

    Arabic - Tunisia
    For all the examples you mentioned, I would use "bi + masdar" for the adverb. Except for dhajj, although I don't know the adverb associated with it (bidhajjah doesn't sound right to me).

    They are: bisor3a, biboT2, bijtihaad, biloTf and bi9aswa.
  3. jmt356 Senior Member

    Thank you, but is my suggested method also a correct way to form adverbs?

    Also, are these the correct diacritical marks?
    سُرْعة (quickness) > بِسُرْعة (quickly)
    بُطْء (slowness) > بِبُطْء (slowly)
    ضَجَّة (noise) > بِضَجَّة (noisily)
    اِجْتِهَاد (diligence) > بِاجْتِهَاد (diligently)
    لُطْف (gentleness) > بِلُطْف (gently)
    قَسْوَة (harshness) > بِقَسْوَة (harshly)

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