adjudicar un contrato - empresa prestadora


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Hi everyone!
I've been trying to translate the following sentence into English, but I'm not quite sure of how to express it:

"Hasta la adjudicación del nuevo contrato, Grey renegoció con la misma empresa prestadora"

"Until the new contract was awarded (?), Grey re-negotiated with the current provider of the service"

The context refers to a tender/bidding that has been called for, and that will be ..awarded to the company that State finally choses, while in the meantime the person in charge negotiates with the company that is still providing the service.
Would you say award a contract? O maybe "until the new contract is signed", though I'm not sure whether this would have a small change in meaning.

Thanks in advance! :)
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    Both your ideas seem OK to me, and a contract can also be "let" as well as "signed" and "awarded".

    Yet another option:

    "Until the award of the new contract Grey re-negotiated with the same service provider".