Adjunto documento para rellenar

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  1. guajin New Member

    ¿Cuál es la mejor forma de traducir esto de la forma más formal posible?:
    "Adjunto este documento para que usted lo rellene y nos lo envíe cuanto antes"
    He pensado en
    " I attach this document to be filled in by you and sent back to us as soon as possible"
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    Sí, o "Attached is the document for you to fill in and return to us as soon as possible."
  3. guajin New Member

    Muchas gracias
    Thank you very much!
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    But be careful as 'the document' means it is a document you both know about. Is it actually something they have requested and/or are expecting, or is it something new and 'unexpected' ?

    Are you being 'lo más formal posible' because you are asking for something politely, or do you want an 'icy imperiousness'?

    "I am attaching/I attach/You will find attached a document/application form/form which I would ask you to fill in and return to us as soon as possible."


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