administer the general anesthetic

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Hi there, I looked on google and dictionary but I don't quite understand whether the following is grammatically correct: "administering the general anaesthetic". Let's look at this in a sentence perhaps: "My colleagues willhelp you to get prepared for the operation and they will administerthe general anaesthetic". Not sure if general anaesthetic takes the article or not
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    There are several types of general anaesthetic, so "a" would be more appropriate, in my opinion. In my experience, that's what a doctor says: "They will administer a general anaesthetic."


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    It depends at which stage of the proceedings we are. We don't know from your example whether the patient already knows that an operation will take place or if a general anaesthetic will be necessary.


    Doctor: I will arrange for your operation to take place in a week's time. A general anaesthetic will be required.

    Conversation a week later on the day of the operation
    Doctor: You operation will take place at approximately 11 a.m. My colleague Doctor X will administer the general anaesthetic"
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