administrative office in a school [Office of Administration? / Administration's Office?]


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I'm an English teacher at a college of further education. What is the right English expression for the office that handles the administrative work in such a place? My German-English dictionary gives me the following translations: office, administration, secretariat, secretary's office, administrative office. I've tried to check these expressions in an English-English dictionary, but it didn't really help.
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    I suspect that part of your problem is that the university structure in Anglophone countries is undoubtedly different. I remember when I was in France there was one place to go to deal with all administrative aspects. In the US, however, there is an office that deals with student's finances, an office that deals with reporting grades, and office that deals with the university's finances, etc. So, unless you're talking about a specific aspect of administration, I would simply say "the administration" as it encompasses all administrative aspects.


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    Hi - I was going to say the same as "tannen2004". For colleges, there are so many branches - financial services, admissions, etc. You could say administrative offices to encompass everything but it's broken up.


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    Can they be Office of Administration / Administration's Office in some colleges?
    I think you need to tell us what these people do. As the above posts say, the administrative jobs tend to be divided among the offices that deal with different aspect of the university.

    For instance, in many colleges in the US, the Office of the Registrar deals with enrollment, collects fees, and handles the forms that are needed as a student progresses through school.

    Various department will have their own administrative offices.
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