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  1. bioleg Senior Member

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    ¿cómo interpretais "admiration woman" en esta frase?


    I was expecting to meet an “admiration woman”, and here was this lady, quite shy, dressed in a very simple way, and to be honest, not very beautiful.
  2. Masood

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    I think it's open to interpretation. Maybe una mujer digna de admiración.
  3. ginasfs07 Member

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    Seems weird. Some more context might help. It could mean something like "a women to admire me/ who would admire me" but it is not very clear who is doing the admiring and who is being admired. So in Spanish something like "una mujer para admirarme" or "una mujer que me admiraría" could maybe be possible, as well as what was posted above.
  4. Omada Senior Member

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    Si está hablando del aspecto físico de la mujer quizás se podría traducir por "una mujer de bandera"
  5. JennyTW Senior Member

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    Si, Omada, me gusta eso. De todas formas, es una mujer para admirar, no para admirarme a mi, como sugiere Gina.

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