admission/admissions office [BrE/AmE]


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Dear folks,
Once I wrote an essay regarding British tiertiary in which I put there's 'admission office', but my British teacher corrected me that it should be 'admissions office'. Maybe he graduated from Cambridge, so all that he knows is what they call at Cambridge. With doubt bearing in mind, I did my research on my own. Luckily I found some world-class universities dub their offices admitting external students 'admission office'.

Stanford has its 'Office of Undergraduate Admission ' while Brown boasts 'Admission Office'.
You may also check their validity:

But for most of the university websites I visit, they all have got 'admissions office'.
No wonder my teacher got the intuition it should be with an 's'. I can tell it's not black and white. Please make any comments concerning this topic. Is there any regional preferences? Or all British universities would like to add an 's'? Or perhaps it is a univeristy's own tradition?
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