admission / admittance

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Spanish, form Spain
"The cost of admission to the show"
"The cost of admittance to the show"

Are these words exact synonyms in this context?

  • river

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    U.S. English
    Technically, shouldn't it be "the cost of admittance"? Tickets are required for admittance, no? I see "cost of admission" and always wonder if it's correct.


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    Canadian English
    Yes, they are exact synonyms in the context of allowing entry, esp' because you are saying the cost of.
    I second this although one odd thing comes to mind... I would not argue with the "cost of admittance" or the "cost of admission" but if I were to use the word "price", I would not use "admittance".

    "the price of admittance" :cross:
    "the price of admission" :tick:

    I know, I know... it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is probably related to the way in which I've heard the phrase so many times in my life but just thought I'd throw it in here for good measure.:)


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    British English
    Very good point Dimcl, I had never really given it much thought, it being one of those things which you see every day and never think twice about.


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    I think "admission" is by far the more common of the two. Google shows over a million hits for "price of admission" and a little over 600 for "price of admittance." For the "cost" varieties of these phrases, it's 152,000 to 284.

    Although "admittance" would be understood, I'd recommend using "admission."
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