Admission Committee or Selection Committee

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Hi everyone.

I am writing a motivation letter to apply for a master's degree, but I do not know neither the name of the admission supervisor nor his/her office.
So I wrote ''To (TITLE OF THE MASTER) Master's Degree-Admission Committe''. How ever, I saw selection instead of admission.

Which is better?

Thanks beforehand.
  • Parla

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    As has been said in reply to a number of similar questions: Each university has its own titles for various officials. It's not a question of "better" but a question of the proper title of that official at the university to which you're applying.

    P.S.: You don't "apply for a master's degree". You apply for admission to the master's program in [subject]. You are awarded the degree only after you have completed the required course of study.


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    I agree with Parla and I'll suggest that you do a bit of searching online to see if you can find out the specific name and/or title of the person you are writing to at the university.
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