admission sur dossier

Jean-Michel Carrère

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French from France
In France, admission to many higher education courses is through a selection process based on an examination of school grades, what we call "admission sur dossier", dossier meaning "school record", student file".

The best candidates are shortlisted according to the students "files" or school records and then typically have to go through an interview.

Can somebody please suggest some appropriate translation for the above phrase ?

Thank you.
  • clairet

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    England & English (UK version)
    If the selection is based solely on grades, we'd say "selection on the basis of exam results (or more likely we'd be specific, e.g. "A level grades")". If it is based on a wider school record (e.g. including positions of responsibility, sports achievements, assessment of personality) it would be something like "on the basis of the record of achievement at school". We may not have exactly the same thing as you are describing for France - but an educationalist can tell us.

    Kelly B

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    I'm trying to choose the right noun to start with, to fit the format performance-based admission. Performance, unfortunately, isn't quite it, because that could equally well refer to performance on entrance exams. So could merit. Still thinking.


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    I realize I'm chiming in years later, but for future WR users, I think we'd say in the US "based on student transcript". And then there is a selection process based on an interview, etc.