admittedly, supposedly, reportedly,...what else ?


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Hello foreros,

I already knew of at least two (can't remember the others) manner adverbs formed with past particple+ly, namely
admittedly and supposedly

As I was listening to the BBC this afternoon I came across another one :

I suppose you can't do the same with any English verbs (listenedly ?:eek: ).
So it must be a closed list.
Would you be so kind as to give me some other examples of this specific construction ?

Also, am I right in thinking that only regular verbs (i.e. with a past participle ending in "ed") can be used to create such adverbs ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Ps : looking up in the WR to check the spelling of "admittedly" I found two more "avowedly" and "confessedly".
  • jacinta

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    Confessedly sounds pretty strange to me but it is fine. Are you looking for words that can be used to say the same or any past tense verb as an adverb?

    This is an awkward use of the language and there are better ways to say something rather than forming an adverb. The words you have listed are the most commonly used. I suppose you can form an adverb from any verb but they don't sound right.

    I delightedly accepted his invitation. :eek:
    I presumedly changed jobs for no reason. :(

    I would have to dig really deep to come up with more.


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    jacinta said:
    Are you looking for words that can be used to say the same or any past tense verb as an adverb?
    I'm not looking for synonyms but for other adverbs formed in the same way. (past + ly).
    And I think you've answered my question, thanks, jacinta.
    I take it from your answer that there aren't many apart from those I used in the title.

    EDIT : thx jana for allegedly

    la grive solitaire

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    It was a good question; I hadn't realized how rare they are or that they were formed from regular past-tense verbs. Here are a few more that are in common usage: decidedly assuredly undoubtedly unaffectedly

    p.s. I'm sure that Jacinta meant presumably rather than presumedly.



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    How about "obsessedly"? 223 hits in Google, "obsessively" suggested instead, but anyway.


    la grive solitaire

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    Oh! My apologies, jacinta... :eek:

    Here are some more, although not all are formed from past participles:

    abasedly, ashamedly, abstractedly, accommodatedly, admittedly, advisedly, allegedly, assertedly, assuredly, avowedly, belatedly, contentedly, deservedly, designedly, determinedly, disappointedly, doggedly, evenhandedly, excitedly, guardedly, heatedly, hurriedly, markedly, notedly, opinionatedly, pointedly, pronouncedly, purportedly, repeatedly, ruggedly, supposedly, unabashedly, unashamedly, unexpectedly, unprecedentedly, unreservedly, wholeheartedly, wickedly, wretchedly


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    I was only kidding, la grive. :) and agreeing.

    I need to point out, though, that all not all of the examples you have given are verbs. The original question was about adverbs from past participles. For example, contented is not a verb, nor is unexpected, and...others.

    la grive solitaire

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    Oh, good! :)

    I mentioned in my post that not all of them are formed from past participles but could edit the list if you think it's confusing for non-native speakers.


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    Despite your exhaustive list, La grive, you must have "frenziedly" forgotten one! ;)

    Some of them sound really weird though..."accommodatedly"????? :eek:


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    Some of these would pass without comment. Others would grate on the ear of a native speaker. I digress only slightly to point out that this form is essential to an entire humour genre of its own, the "Tom Swifty".
    For example:
    "The doctor had to remove my left ventricle," said Tom half-heartedly.
    Quoted from:
    Please submit your own inventions there, not here;)
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