Adonde vas/vayas

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nzl, english
En las oraciones:

?adonde vas?
?adonde vayas?

en la primera el hablante piensa que el oyente sabe la destination, ?no?
en la secunda, nadie sabe la destination o otra cosa, yo no se?

quiza sea como
where are you going?
where might you go?

?alguien quiere aclarar?

  • rocstar

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    México - Español-
    ¿A dónde vas? or ¿Adónde vas? (Both valid)= Where are you going? (Present progressive as future/Present continous as future) or Where do you go? (Simple present)
    ¿Adónde vayas?= Wherever you go?....For example: A: En México siempre encontrarás gente amable.
    B: ¿Adónde vayas?
    In English: A: You'll always find nice people in Mexico.
    B: Wherever you go? (¿A dónde vayas?)

    I hope I helped.


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    You can't say adonde vayas when you ask a question,

    Adonde vayas seguro que encontrás amigos



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    English (AE)
    Dear customer7billion
    Have you ever heard or read ¿adónde vayas?, or is it just an example you made up? If you actually saw it somewhere, it would help to know the context.

    The closest usage I can think of to what you are asking would be something like:
    Miguel, ¿adónde piensas que él vaya?
    Mike, where do you think he is (might be) headed?

    Also, per Rule #22, please try to write with proper Spanish punctuation and accent marks. If you need help, please read this “sticky” post. or just "install" a Spanish or International soft keyboard on your computer. Thanks.
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