adopt / affect a more radical approach

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He decided to ---- a more radical approach to the problem.
A) achieve
B) affect

C) adopt
D) afford

C is obvioulsy correct, but can D also be correct considering it can mean "cause to happen". It seems unlikely to me but I am not a native speaker.
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    C is the only good choice. D doesn't work even in its secondary sense of "provide" (as in, "This hotel room affords us a view of the ocean").

    I'm wondering if you actually wanted to call B into question since you have "affect" in your thread title. Under that assumption, I'll explain the following: There are two broad senses of the word "affect" as a verb:
    • to influence (very common) – "Lack of sleep affected his ability to work."
    • to create the appearance of (rare) – "Though socially inept, she tried to affect a regal air."
    The verb that means "to cause to happen" or "to bring about" is "effect", as in "We effected a workable solution to the problem." Thus if option B were "effect", you might be able to make a case for it; but since it reads "affect" it's not a viable choice.
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