adopted an embarrassingly supine posture


Does "adopted an embarrassingly supine posture" mean "adopted an embarrassingly humble position"?

Thanks in advance

the BioLogos Foundation, whose purpose (in the words of its mission statement) is to
communicate “the compatibility of the Christian faith with scientific discoveries about
the origins of the universe and life.” BioLogos is funded by the Templeton Foundation,
an organization that claims to seek answers to “life’s biggest questions,” but appears
primarily dedicated to erasing the boundary between religion and science. Because of its
astonishing wealth, Templeton seems able to purchase the complicity of otherwise
secular academics as it seeks to rebrand religious faith as a legitimate arm of science.
True to form, Nature has adopted an embarrassingly supine posture with respect to
Templeton as well.

-Sam Harris
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    I think it's more the image of a dog rolling over onto its back, to show submission to the pack leader. More "weak and submissive" than "humble." (It may not be clear from the context, but I'm pretty sure "Nature" here refers to the journal.)


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    The last sentence is not clear. Does "Nature" refer to a scientific journal or some other organization?
    Also, if he meant "humble," then "supine" is the wrong word.

    crossed with pob - yes, "submissive" is probably what's meant here.
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