adressed it to Swarlos

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    This is about a character named Barney who, because of a mistake by a coffee shop employee, got the nickname "Swarley." The name "Swarlos" is a combination of that nickname and the common Spanish male name "Carlos." Barney will get a subscription to People en Español, which Robin had sent to Swarlos.


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    'Swarlos' in that script is a variation of 'Swarley', the name that the characters have been arguing over (mentioned 24 time on that page).

    Given that the book title is 'People in Espanol', I suspect that 'Swarlos' is a play on 'Swarley' and the Spanish name 'Carlos'.


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    Given that the book title is 'People in Espanol' . . .
    I've never watched the show, but I think the title, People en Espanol, refers to a Spanish-language edition of the popular celebrity magazine People.
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