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When asked what ads are memorable to you, does the following words sound natural in spoken English?

The ad is memorable because it is informative. ( I can learn how second-smoking is harmful through the ads)
The ad is memorable bcause it educated me about the harmful effect of second handsmoking.
The ad is memorable becuase it made me aware of harmful effect of second hand smoking.
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    Hi, toto. I prefer the first and the last sentences, but all three sentences make some sense.

    "Second-hand smoking" is odd. The usual phrase is "second-hand smoke": made me aware of the harmful effect of second-hand smoke.:thumbsup:


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    British English
    When asked what ads are memorable to you,

    If someone asks: "What ads are memorable to you?" or "Which ads do you find memorable?", I would expect the response to identify either an actual ad or ads, or a description of the features of memorable ads.

    Your responses seem to be answering a different question: "Why is this ad memorable?".
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