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Is "adult dog walker" some kind of occupation? (Please see excerpt below) This is from a romance, between the Wars. Thank you.


Will you look at that!’ Ruby exclaimed, directing her remark to the girl standing near her. She too was staring, mouth agape at the sight of a man being dragged from the Hampstead swimming pond.

‘Is he dead?’ the second girl asked with a tremor in her voice.

‘I reckon so. They ain’t even tryin’ to bring him round.’ It was early April, just after Easter, and although a sunny day, it was cold. Apart from the two girls there were only a few other people watching – in the main, adult dog walkers.

Read more at Dead to Me by Lesley Pearse
  • The Newt

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    "Dog walker" is an occupation (someone who walks other people's dogs); "adult" is only there to make it clear that most of the people on the scene aren't children.


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    Just to be clear, Newt, you are saying the people there were walking their own dogs and not as their jobs?

    It's a little bit fuzzy to me exactly what the intention of that term is.

    Dog walker is kind of ambiguous. It can be a job but it can also just be a description.


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    I must admit, in the context in which it's being used in that book, I would take it to mean just [adult] people who were walking their dog.

    I can't detect anything there to suggest they were being paid to do it as an occupation.


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    I agree with Donny. I understand the "adult" to show that the other people were not children, and "dog walkers" to explain their presence on the Heath on a cold day in April (because jogging/running was not in fashion at the time, and it would be too early in the year for picnics or swimming.)


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    I would take it to mean just [adult] people who were walking their dog.
    I would definitely say that for "dog walkers". With the addition of "adult" it gets just slightly odd. But I can't imagine a whole passel of professional dog walkers about.:)
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