advance base of operations

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What does "advance" mean in the following sentences? Is it an adjective, meaning "done or given before something is going to happen"?

Camps I and II were set up on the glacier itself. Camps III we built at its upper end...According to our plans, this would be the advance base of operations during the climb...The total distance between the base camp and Camp III was only fifteen miles, but the utmost daily progress of our porters was five miles. (From Top Man by James Ullman)

Thanks a lot.
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    The camp is located at a suitable spot beyond their main camp that they can advance to and use as part of their attempt to climb the mountain. The other camps are only meant for staying one night. This advance base camp has better facilities than those but not as good as the main base camp. But it's still a place they can stay longer at when necessary.

    So as Newt says, it's a secondary base camp out in front of the main base camp. In this case, "in front" automatically implies higher because they are climbing a mountain.
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