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I booked a hotel room. They asked me to pay a part in advance.
What should I say?

I paid the hotel an advance fee or a deposit ?

What else could I say and is advance fee and deposit correct in this context?

Thank you

  • panjandrum

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    Recently I have been asked to pay a booking charge by one hotel and a deposit by another.

    The booking charge was a trivial amount - an administrative charge related to on-line booking.
    I would expect a reservation fee to be similar.

    The deposit was the equivalent of about 25% of the expected total bill for my stay in the hotel.

    The term advance fee seems inappropriate in this context.


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    I agree with Panj.

    An advance fee is what an author gets from a publisher, so that he can live while he's writing a book. I can't see it in connection with a hotel.
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