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hello everyone, this is Aggie, new here...

start with my first question, how to understand "advance interests" when U.S. Pres. Obama said "we've had a productive week working to advance America's interests around the world". FYI, this productive week refers to his first overseas trip after taking office...

thanks in advance~
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    Welcome to the forum Aggie.

    "Advancing interests" means to promote America's policies, invetsments, security, etc. around the world.

    As an added note, please be aware that English sentences begin with upper-case (capital) letters and capitalization is required here.


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    Sdgraham, I have a follow-up question.

    I asked the previous one because I wanted to figure out the translation of it. Your explanation makes great sense. However, when it comes to translation (into Chinese), rendition has to be as much comprehensive like the original one as possible. So, would you please help me check that:

    I would translate "advance interest" into Chinese in a way it says promote other countries' understanding toward America in several aspects.

    Thanks for your help.
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