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The quotation comes from McConnell vows Gorsuch will be confirmed this week, Schumer predicts he won't get 60 votes

Quotation: With 52 Republican senators, eight votes from Democrats or the Senate's two independents would be needed to advance the nomination and prevent a filibuster. So far, only Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia — all representing states Trump won in November and all up for re-election next year — have said they will vote to confirm Gorsuch.
Hi everyone! Does the bold part mean "confirm the nomination"? If i replace "advance" with "carry", is there any difference?
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    No, in this case "advance" means "continue the process". At least that is my opinion.

    A filibuster halts the process. A filibuster is a continuous speech in the senate (all day, every day, non-stop) which is made for a single purpose: as long as someone is speaking, no vote can be held.

    But the opposing side (the non-filibustering side) can stop a filibuster with 60 votes.
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