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I'm getting confused (probably because of the wine), but I just want to clarify...advance in the following sentence is an adjective right? Or is it a past participle? In which case it should be advanced yes?...

[B...]so you have some advance warning...[/B]

ick...I'm uncertain. Any help appreciated.
  • Erebos12345

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    Yes, warning is the noun, and advance is the adjective describing it.

    If it was a past participle, it would read you have advanced... without some in the middle. I don't think you can put it between the auxiliary and the participle.


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    It's an adjective, as the others have said. It is not a past participle.

    The past participle form is advanced, which can be used either as part of a verb phrase (as in Erebos12345's example) or as an adjective (advanced language skills).


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    These examples are from M-W unabridged:

    <advance payment>
    <an advance copy of a book>
    <advance information>
    <sent out an advance party of soldiers>
    <advance base>
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