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Context: Unfortunately we encounter far too difficult grammar tests in our universities here in Iran. These simple grammar books are not enough for us. On Google, I want to search for more advanced grammar books. But I don't know what should I type on Google to find more advanced grammar books. On Google, I want to type this:
"Download advanced English grammar books" But I think, even advanced grammar books are not enough.

This is my question ==> Is there a more professional or more advanced word than "advanced grammar"?
I don't know if you could understand my meaning or not. I mean, is there a step or a word or adjective more professional than the word "advanced"? Is "advanced grammar" the last step?

Thank you.
  • djweaverbeaver

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    Are you looking for English grammar books from the perspective of a linguists? I think that "advanced grammar", for the most part, would be aimed at speakers of English as a foreign language. In linguistics, there are various types of grammar, and you might also be interested in other areas such as syntax, semantics, morphology, or phonetics. There are also English grammar books aimed at native speakers who aren't linguists in which the rules can be either prescriptive or descriptive. It all depends on what you're look for.


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    I think you are better off reading English prose than "studying grammar." Sorry, I know that's not an answer to your question, but I sort of feel your question is misguided if your goal is to write better in English.
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