advanced level (AS/A2)


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That's it.
I know it's a level of study, but I don't know what's the equivalent in Spain or a possibly translation.
May I get some help?
  • Lis48

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    A (Advanced) level in England used to be taken at 17/18 years as the final school exam and qualified the student for entry to university and it could be translated as Bachillerato. The problem is that at A level you concentrated on only about three subjects so it was very narrow. To broaden it, a few years ago the government introduced AS and A2 levels which together make up an A level. The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) is taken the first year at 16/17 years and then A2s the next year. So you can now have A levels (AS and A2) in for example Spanish, English and German but also AS´s in Maths and Biology which are really only half an A level. Complicated!
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