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Hello again everyone, I need your help to figure out which of these sentences are correct when describing the advanced level of a language.

For example, I'm pretty sure this is correct "Her level of English is advanced" (correct me if I'm wrong)
but if I want to Reword such statement, can I say:

1) Her English is advanced?

2) She's advanced in English?

3) She's at a higher level of English?

4) She's on a higher level of English?

Do all 5 work? Thanks
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    All five work for me with some caveats.

    Your non-numbered example (Her level of English is advanced) is fine as written.
    #1 is the most similar to "Her level of English is advanced".
    #2 has the same meaning although it could be confused with another meaning such as "She's advanced in [her] English [literature class] since AmE speakers routinely refer to a class in school as "English".
    #3 is fine but the use of the comparative "higher" here (as well as in #4) leaves the sentence sort of hanging and begs the question "who is she higher than?"
    #4 This is grammatically okay but it is the one I would be least likely to use as the use of "on" here implies to me that "English" in that case is a course or curriculum, rather than the language. (as opposed to #2 which could be interpreted both ways).


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    Thank you very much for your detailed answer Suk!, you are kind and very helpful (must be very smart too) to explain it so well, I truly appreciate it :)
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