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Hi friends,

I am writing an essay about treatment surveys, and again I have doubt about two points highlighted in red.
1- Do you see any difference in meaning if I use of / in ?
2- I usually use simple form of the verb after provided, but this time I prefer to use being registered. Do you agree?

Thanks to the advancement of / in science and technology especially in medical care humans are living longer than before. A large portion of people do not follow a healthy lifestyle until they face a serious health problem, and that is why many organizations are trying to improve people’s awareness regarding their health, expecting this activities reduce exorbitant costs of medical care which are usually incumbent upon insurance companies. That prevention is better the cure is an undeniable fact. I, personally, maintain that individuals can lead a survey treatment, provided being registered in ministry of health that experts can follow their activities. Following a specific treatment prescribed by a so called traditional remedy did not cure my baldness is a case in point.

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    Two unrelated questions require two separate threads, so I will answer only the first.

    It's not so much the difference between "of" and "in" that's the problem. The problem is your choice of noun. We talk about "advances in" or "advancement of". You want "advances in" for your sentence.
    This means that within the fields of science and technology, advances have been made, and these advances have led to people living longer.
    Advancement would mean that the fields themselves have achieved greater prominence in how people perceive them.
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