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The big bang theory SEASON01 EPISODE12

Gablehouser: And he’s only fifteen years old. (refers to Kim)
Sheldon: Not bad, I myself started graduate school at fourteen.
Dennis: Well, I lost a year while my family was tunnelling out of North Korea.
Leonard: Advantage Kim.

It seems like Kim beats Sheldon in terms of academic achievement, IQ, etc. Therefore Lenoard says "Advantage Kim".

Here's what I looked up in Longman Dictionary that best fits Lenard's words, Used in tennis to show that the person named has won the next point after the score was 40-40.

I mean, how come Lenard uses that phrase to express that meaning? It's not tennis ball sports or under that particular situation, after score was 40-40.
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    We often use sports terms in our regular lives and language: Touchdown! You hit a home run. Behind the eight ball. Etc.
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