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One advantage writing has over speech is that it is more permanent and makes possible the records that any civilization must have.”
Please explain the way of writing the sentence:
1.The use of “over”:
“One advantage writing has over speech” – Does it mean “Writing has advantage over speech” – mean that writing is better than speech?
2. what is this grammar structure?
“ makes possible the records” . Is it “make the records possible”?
  • ChuggaBOOM!!

    All I can say is that for 1., the answer is definitely yes, though I am not sure about number 2.

    When they say "over" I believe they mean "compared to" but in a positive (and for an advantage) way.

    Harry Batt

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    Mimi in this sense "over" means preferred. It could be better or worse but more people prefer it. Eg. The damn Yankees won the pennant over Detroit. It means that the Yankees were better. But, The Yankee stregth lies in their habit over other teams to buy better players. Over is a preference for spending money. The switcheroo of records and possible is style to emphasize possible.
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