adverse conditions of heather [golf]

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I flew to London on business but with the firm intention of heading up to Scotland to play the historic St. Andrews course. When my editor heard about my plans, he bet me ten dollars that I couldn’t break 100 on the Old Course, whose generally adverse conditions of heather and weather make it one of the world’s toughest.
Source: The Inner Game of Golf by Timothy Callwey

Does heather refer to the heather plant in this context? Is this golf course populated with heather plants? I understand that the Scottish weather is adverse but how can plants be adverse?

Thank you.
  • JulianStuart

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    Yes there is heather along the fairways and in the rough or out of bounds areas. He is referring to those areas that are not out of bounds where it is hard to hit the ball (the conditions or lie are adverse) if it has landed in the heather.
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