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Hi, all.

I have a question on "Advertised agenda." Could anybody tell me what it is? Is it an agenda that is paid by somebody for advertizing?

Here are some examples... Thank you in advance!
Due to the advertised agenda closing date, 24 March 2008, being Easter Monday, applications will be accepted until midday on Tuesday, 25 March (17 Mar).
Why is that? its because only some of the money goes to its ADVERTISED agenda!
The advertised agenda of this summit meeting focuses on arms control.

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    The "advertised agenda" would be what is planned to take place. The word "advertised" may imply that it's not entirely truthful.

    You could say:
    "The advertised agenda of the meeting is to discuss the effectiveness of public schools, but I'm sure it'll all just be casual chit-chat."


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    1. They had said ("advertised") that the closing date to put new items on the agenda was the 24th, but that's a holiday, so they're changing it to the 25th.

    2. Some of the money goes to the public ("advertised") agenda. Some of it goes to a secret (presumably bad) agenda.

    3. The topic that has been publicized ("advertised") is arms control, but other topics may be covered too.

    "Advertised" basically means "told the public" in these types of contexts. It doesn't have to do with ads for products.


    Hello, Toadie and Franzi!
    I appreciate and am very impressed with your quick and crystal-clear response.

    I now understand that it means basically "public", but it also implies that it may be different from what it is supposed to be.

    Thank you again, and best regards,
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